Trip Report!

By Bob Young

A classic start to the ski season!  The sun was bright and there was no wind for a perfect cold temperature first ski.  I stepped into my bindings, looked down the slope, and my left ski decided it was time to go.  A moment of balance and the right ski decided to go as well.  It was slick and I was on my butt up to my elbows in soft cold snow.  Auspicious beginning but after dusting off and getting my ski legs working and Bianca to stop laughing at me, we had a great ski out Ray Benson south loop.  There were some tracks already set that made it pretty easy. . . . except that the tracks diverted around every little bump without regard to what a return trip good track could be.  Keep in mind if you plan to return on the same trail just what your trip back can be, or even just for those who will follow who can enjoy a nice stride and glide without unnecessary detours.  From the south loop junction we headed east but the track diversions became more excessive and the trail was under trees that were beginning to shed their snow so we turned back after about 1/2 mile of that and stuck to more open areas.  Tracks were 6″ to 8″ deep and stayed nice and slick except for a few spots in the sun that wanted to get sticky.  We kept it short, 5 miles, which was just right for that first ski.  Time to get out and enjoy it, people.– 

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