Ski School Application Form

Oregon Nordic Club – Willamette Chapter       

WAIVER: By signing below, I release the Oregon Nordic Club, Hoodoo, and the US Forest Service from any liability for any injury that may occur while participating in the ski school. I realize there are risks in participating in this outdoor sport, and that some risks are unforeseeable. I give this release freely, with full knowledge that this is a hazardous sporting activity. I will also hold the club, its officers, and the individual instructors harmless for my use or misuse of the information presented.

Name (Print) ____________________________________________________________________


Home Phone _____________________        Day Phone_____________________

Street Address _________________________________________________________________

City ___________________________________________________ Zip_____________________________

Email __________________________________________________________________________

Send application to: Oregon Nordic Club, PO Box 181 Salem, OR 97308.

 For more information, please contact Bob Young at 503xx621xx6626, arch.byoung at gmail dot com.Ski School Application


    1.  If you are not a current Willamette Chapter member, go to ; Print, complete and sigh the membership form.

    2. Print, complete and sign this Ski School Application and Waiver above.

    3.  If you wish to rent skis at Hoodoo, print the rental form and complete it.

    3.  We need to collect payment in advance so that we know how many lessons and rentals to order. Hoodoo gives us a substantial discount because we pay for the entire Ski School with a single check.  All payments collected will be fully refunded if you are unable to attend.  We need

        a.  $20 for membership if you are joining the club.

        b.  $25 for Hoodoo’s lesson and a trail pass for their Nordic tracks.

        c.  $10 if you are renting skis at Hoodoo.

    4.  Send completed forms and your check to the club’s address above.

    5.  If you are completing forms on or after Jan. 24, 2023, hold the forms and check; bring them to the meeting place on Jan. 28.  But be sure to email Bob Young to tell him you are attending Ski School so you will be on the email list for last minute instructions (meeting place, etc.)

Note: in pre-COVID days this paper work would have been completed at a club meeting or the Ski School evening session. We are attempting to minimize contact and transmission by completing these details through mail and email. We ask for your patience in following these instructions.