ONC-Willamette Chapter makes available the opportunity to enjoy cross country skiing at its fullest. As a member of ONC, we offer organized skiing activities to those living in the mid-Willamette Valley. Members from outside the region are welcome.

Types of Nordic skiing practiced include touring, backcountry, telemark and free style. Skate skiing is less emphasized however is available through other ONC chapters.

The nature of track/terrain encountered can include groomed tracks, ungroomed trails, backcountry trailblazing, telemark frequently practiced on downhill slopes, and steep terrain. A feature activity of the club is off trail backcountry. Required skill levels vary. Trips are rated by the experience level recommended to participate.

Areas frequented include Santium Pass, Jefferson Wilderness, Mt. Hood, and Bend/Mt. Bachelor. Excursions extend to the Ochocos, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, the Wallowas, Crater Lake and beyond.

Willamette Chapter offers a ski school in January followed by introductory practice trips on the snow. The school is geared to the first time skier. Skill advancement beyond the introductory level is best acquired by “getting out there” and skiing regularly with the club. Pointers and equipment tips are readily available through club members.

For those of us who enjoy a sense of movement over the snow, the beauty of the forest blanketed in snow, solitude and the satisfaction of getting “out there” on our own, cross country skiing is the ultimate sporting activity. Nothing surpasses making your own tracks in virgin snow and the incredible quietness, calm and beauty that envelops upon stopping for a few minutes to appreciate all that nature has to offer, unpackaged and unbridled. A sense of appreciation ensues for experiencing nature shared only with the few that make the effort.

Add to this experience, the health benefits derived from the exercise that is synonymous with Nordic skiing. Cross country skiing is considered one of the most aerobically beneficial sports. Strenuous only to the extent wished by the participant, ski touring is undisputedly one of the best outdoor activities for body and soul!

Come join us!