NEWS:  October 2022

Our club is still avoiding indoor activities due to COVID-19, so we will have another season without regular monthly meetings.  But there is plenty of pre-snow action on the volunteer front.


September 3 & 17:  Bob, Jeanne, Jeff, John, Jim and Roger did trail maintenance on the North Loop and South Loop trails at Ray Benson.  We cut a half dozen small logs, placed 55 new blue diamonds, erected 8 fallen marking poles, limbed trees to clear view of the diamonds, and removed more than 4000 conifer saplings from the trails (wheee!).  This season we can ski these trails without climbing over logs or getting lost.

October 1 & 2:  Aaron, Jeff and Bill helped sawyer Brad Engelbert from Cascade Volunteers log Ray Benson trails.  They removed a huge blowdown from Circle Lake trail and cleared the Two Buttes Cutoff.  Thanks so much for helping us out, Brad.

photo by Jeff Starr

Photo by Jim Todd
photo by Jeff Starr

3-6, Monday to Thursday:  New Signs at Maxwell SnoPark!  The Willamette Chapter and Cascade Volunteers helped Detroit RD staff place new signs at trail junctions on the Maxwell system.  

pastedGraphic_1.pngphoto by Jim Todd

October 8, Saturday, 0900:  Aaron, Bob, Frank, Jeff and Jim joined Mt. Jefferson Snowmobile Club volunteers and Deschutes NF staff for the annual Santiam Pass wood-stocking extravaganza.  We split, hauled and stacked firewood at Brandenburg and Island Junction shelters.  The Roger Schmidt shelter at Ray Benson SnoPark was also filled and we squeezed in enough extra wood to stock North Blowout when fall rains pack the sand so a truck can make it up the blowout to the shelter.  Stay tuned for this last chance to be a wood-stocking volunteer.

October 11, Tuesday:  Bill helped Detroit RD staff complete their winter trail sign project by placing new signposts at junctions on the Big Springs SnoPark system.  The new signs at Big Springs and Maxwell have maps with QR codes so travelers can download the updated map to their phones.  

photo by Bill Nelson

15, Saturday:   Bill, Bob, Dave, Jeanne, Mark and Jim helped Detroit RD staff stock firewood at Mtn. View and South Maxwell shelters.  We met at Duffy Lake trailhead where a 40″ log was waiting for us.  In a long day we split and hauled three and a half truckloads of wood. One load was stacked inside South Maxwell, two loads dumped by the woodshed at Mtn. View and a half load hauled to the Detroit station for later use.  The job isn’t finished, but we made great progress.  Special thanks to Dave for bringing his hydraulic splitter and to Jeanne for the delicious apple bars.

Photo by Bill Nelson


October 22, Saturday:  come help us finish the wood-stocking at Mtn. View Shelter.  We need to split at least one more truckload of wood, haul it from Duffy trailhead to the shelter and stack all three truckloads in the woodshed.  With enough volunteers we will have this job finished for the season.  

Please join us if you can.  Phone Jim Todd (503x378x7003) if you have questions or wish to sign up.

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