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Back country metal edge skis that are 165, 180, 195, and 210 cm in length and all in excellent shape mounted with NNN BC bindings at $100 each. Will sell skis or bindings separately and can mount your bindings on the skis. Contact Tim Faber at franceschoolofdance at

Trip report for Saturday Jan 9

Well, I never thought I’d get to heaven: Chuck Dellenbaugh and I were lucky enough that each of us found a place to park our cars on the entry road to the Santiam snow-park. Unwilling to leave those precious spots to join other club members where ever they found parking, we, along with Ann, geared up and knocked on heaven’s door.

This is another of those places you will not see named on any topo, but is a small knob south of Three Fingered Jack that looks down on Square and Long Lake, with a glimpse of Booth Lake as well. We did the trip as a loop, heading up the Santiam trail, then crossing east, all a modest climb. A bit more climbing on the east side of the ridge, then a traverse to Heaven. We ate lunch there, admiring the view. Snow conditions were excellent, about 5” of fluff under the skis perfect weather, and nice temperatures.

This is great trip, very open, not too long, and climbing grades were very moderate. Back country ski explorations has definitly increased. We enjoyed our solitude but other’s tracks were apparent, including several downhill runs, which I suspect were made from resort skiers that are now AT skiing.

I hope for a lot more days like this one this season. The photo is from Heaven looking south, in case you need more motivation to try this trip! Jerry Vessello


January 9, Saturday: As Bob noted it was a crowded zoo at Santiam Pass last weekend. Fiona and I were among the lucky skiers who left early (before 7am) and reached the Pass before the worst of the crunch. But there was still a traffic jam on the Hwy beginning at Hogg Rock and 50 cars in Santiam SnoPark at 9am when we grabbed two of the rapidly vanishing spaces. Fortunately, the Wilderness north of the Pass has plenty of space. Within a quarter mile we left the crowds behind and were making fresh tracks in new snow with sunny skies and beautiful views in all directions. During the day we saw tracks on the slopes and skiers in the distance, but never met anyone on the trail until the last quarter mile back to the SnoPark. To enjoy the best views we skied northeast across the Cascade crest to a point overlooking Square Lake, then wandered north to Martin and Booth Lakes below Three Fingered Jack before climbing back over the crest and enjoying a smooth downhill run to the SnoPark. Beautiful weather, beautiful views and beautiful skiing–one of the lucky days. –by Jim Todd

1/9/21: Booth Lake and Black Butte photo by: Fiona Couperthwaite

1/9/21: Booth Lake and Black Butte photo by: Fiona Couperthwaite

For sale:

Cross-country skiis – Karhu “wide track”, 5’2” long (160 cm), partial metal edges, Fischer bindings(NNN).  In good shape, not heavily used.

Also Swix poles.

$100 total for skiis & poles.

Rossignol boots, about women’s size 8, NNN bindings.  In good shape.  Free

Call Marcia Hoak, 503//363//1352 & leave a message or email marciah255 at outlook dot com

Trip Report: A Zoo at the Santiam Pass

As some others will likely report, parking at Santiam pass has become a nightmare on the weekends at least. Hoodoo was full by 9:00 and had traffic backed up to below Hogg Rock. No place to park at Santiam Snopark and Potato Hill parking was the same so Dayna, Bianca, and I ended up at Little Nash snopark and skied some unfamiliar area. The snow at that elevation was not great but the track that was set, and well separated from snowshoers, had great glide.

My intent was to ski up to the Hash Brown Loop via the Nash Potato trail but the cutoff sign for the connections was totally engulfed in a small tree with no noticeable tracks and the road 725 continues straight ahead, which we did. Ended up skiing up the snowmobile road for a thousand feet elevation gain and got into some really nice snow up there. Skiing in those areas that have been thinned for fire control is really beautiful. We found a sunny spot with a nice view of Jack and Potato Hill for a lunch break. We did 8.7 miles, got in a good climb, exhilarating downhill, and great diagonal stride on the final leg back. It was a good day despite the change in plan.

Bob Young

ONC Willamette Chapter Newsletter January 2021

Willamette Chapter–Oregon Nordic Club

P.O. Box 181

Salem, OR 97308


Willamette Chapter activities have been curtailed by COVID-19, but please renew your membership for the 2020-2021 season.  For only $20 you receive access to all the inside club news and support our efforts to improve cross-country skiing for everyone.  Our chapter pays $10 from each membership to the statewide Oregon Nordic Club to support its efforts and cover the cost of insurance for all ONC chapters.  You can renew by downloading a renewal form at 



The Willamette Chapter’s Ski School will be another casualty of the Coronavirus pandemic.  We have cancelled our group lessons and mentoring program for 2021, but hope to resume them in 2022.  Beginners and members interested in improving their skills may still find lessons taught by certified Nordic instructors at local ski areas.  For self-instruction please access the books and videos on our website and practice technique in a controlled setting. If you have questions about technique or equipment, please contact experienced club members.  We would be happy to help.



The Willamette Chapter will not sell Sno Park permits in the absence of our regular monthly meetings.  Sno Park permits may be purchased online at the Oregon DMV:  Annual permits purchased directly from DMV cost $25—no handling fee.  The process takes only a few minutes and includes a downloadable copy you can print and use immediately while waiting for your permit to arrive in the mail.  Buy a permit and support Sno Park plowing.  


The Willamette Chapter has an active volunteer program assisting the Forest Service with ski trail clearing and marking, as well as shelter construction, maintenance and firewood stocking.  Thank you volunteers!  Please call Mark Olson (503559-0728) or Jim Todd (503-378-7003) for more information or to sign up for one of our projects. 

During the ski season Willamette Chapter members help the Forest Service maintain and improve ski trails by reporting trail and shelter conditions. Please help the Deschutes and Willamette National Forests use their limited resources efficiently by sending a Nordic Trail Report when you ski their marked trails.  Contact Mark or Jim about trail or SnoPark conditions and we will forward the information to the appropriate Forest Service office.



December 29, Tuesday:  Jeff, Jim and Mark assisted the Salamanders volunteers with ski trail clearing and placement of blue diamonds at Maxwell SnoPark.  Diamonds were placed between junctions 5 & 16 and between 21, 24 & 18.  An overgrown section between junctions 9 & 24 was cleared with hand tools and a power pole pruner.  To download a trail map with junction numbers: go to, an incomprehensible area map; but fear not, just click the back button on your Browser to open the full Maxwell Sno-Park page; then, near the top of the page, click on Map of Maxwell Sno-Park Area (pdf) to download the map.




January 5, Tuesday:  our first ski of the New Year.  Chuck and Jim did an exploratory tour off the Mt. View Loop trail at Maxwell SnoPark.  To shorten the distance we parked at Big Meadows Rd. on Hwy 22.  After skiing the Big Meadows Rd. for a mile (4WD ruts with a dusting of fresh snow) we branched off to the south on the marked route to Mt. View Shelter; then headed east on old logging tracks.  With a little GPS and compass work we located a frozen pond for our lunch stop, then bushwhacked to the Shortcut trail near junction 19 and followed Big Meadows Rd. back the Hwy 22.  The snow was good, the weather mild, and theroute…interesting.

Cautionary Notes:  

1.  In the morning we pulled off the Hwy at Big Meadows Rd. onto a 12” layer of frozen snow and parked easily.  But by afternoon the snow had softened and our tires spun their way down towards the pavement.  We had to dig our way out to the Hwy.  Be wary and carry a shovel.

2.  The 40 mph speed limit on Hwy 22 is being enforced.  Slow down—stay safe and unticketed.

Skyline Trail and attempt at Joy Lake 12/12/20

By Dayna Svendsen

Bianca, Fiona, Bob, Jerry, Jim and I met at Santiam Sno-Park for a Saturday ski. It was quite cold and foggy. This, paired with the burned out forest created a bit of an eerie feel at times, though it was quite beautiful. We toured up the Skyline Trail in search of Joy Lake, though the fog was prohibitive. Bob and Bianca led Fiona and I to their “playground” on the way down. We trekked up the slope and back down a few times, which was quite fun. The sun even came out to greet us for a few moments. Overall, it was a great day of skiing. Joy Lake eluded us, but we will have to seek her out on a sunnier day.

Trip Report

By Jefferson Starr

Friday December 18th, Jim Todd, Bill Nelson and Jeff Starr along with Beth Dayton from the Salamanders and Dillan from the McKenzie Ranger District found ideal snow and weather conditions at Ray Benson SnoPark. Temperatures hovered around freezing as mostly clear skies made for very pleasant skiing. Coverage was excellent for this early in the season.  We split into two groups practicing social distancing.  Jim led Beth and Dillan on the north side of the North Loop while Jeff and Bill cut north from the parking lot to tie into the south side of the North Loop.  The thinning project at Ray Benson made off trail skiing much improved compared to prior years. Both groups met at the North Blowout Shelter for lunch break.

   click for link to Ray Benson Map

After lunch, Bill and Jeff broke trail on the PCT and found the ruts left from old tracks made for less enjoyable work.  Jim and his group continued on the Two Buttes Cutoff trail with more favorable results.  Everyone enjoyed a wonderful day with fantastic snow.


Hoodoo is open

According to the Hoodoo website – check out their page for more information.

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