Volunteer Activities

WORK PARTIES: These events are coordinated with the Forest Service to build and maintain Nordic trails and shelters and to stock shelters with firewood. Many people are attracted to doing something especially during the off-season. Our commitment to work with the U.S. Forest Service and other groups on improvements (trails—new and old, shelters, wood stocking, etc.) are other possibilities of joining in on the fun! The Willamette Chapter has been recognized by the Ranger district for our work in shelter construction and wood stocking.

During the ski season Willamette Chapter members help the Forest Service maintain and improve ski trails by reporting trail and shelter conditons. Please help the The Deschutes and Willamette National Forests use their limited resources efficiently by sending a Nordic Trail Report when you ski their marked trails. “High Cascades Forest Volunteers” records volunteer activity and reports directly to Forest Service offices. You can access their special Nordic Trail Report form at:

http://www.highcascadesvolunteers.com/WorkReports/WorkReportNordicTrail.html. You can also find the Nordic Trail form by searching for “high cascade volunteers” and going to their website: www.highcascadesvolunteers.com/. From the home page click “HCFV Work Report Form” at the top of left column and then click “Nordic Trail Report” at the bottom of the right column. Fill in the boxes on the form; describe any trail obstructions or problems you encounter; and then click “Submit” at the bottom. Thanks for your help

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