Yes, it’s scarcely the middle of September and snow is no where in sight. But our club has numerous ski related events occurring this fall. It’s mostly about volunteers, volunteers and volunteers. Come join us and get in the mood for skiing before the first flake falls.

September 17, Saturday: volunteers will do much needed maintenance on ski trails at Ray Benson or Little Nash SnoParks. We will place more blue diamonds, limbs trees to improve view of the diamonds and remove sapling trees and brush from the trails. Please contact Jim Todd (503x378x7003), if you can join us or need more information.
October 3-6, Monday to Thursday: New Signs at Maxwell SnoPark. The Detroit RD has all new signs for trail junctions on the Maxwell system. Our volunteers will help Forest Service staff and Cascade Volunteers crews set posts and place signs. If you can help on any of these dates, contact Bob Young (503x621x6626) or Jim Todd (503x378x7003). Details of this project will be sent as soon as we receive more details from the Forest Service.

WOOD STOCKING at Winter Shelters
October 8, Saturday, 0900: Ray Benson SnoPark. Mt. Jefferson Snowmobile Club (MJSC) is again organizing a wood splitting extravaganza to stock firewood at all four Santiam Pass Shelters (Roger Schmidt, North Blowout, Brandenburg and Island Junction). MJSC will buck and split wood at the SnoPark. Willamette Chapter volunteers and Forest Service staff will haul and stack wood at NBO, Brandenburg and Island Jct. MJSC is providing lunch for everyone. With enough volunteers we can complete the task and have all shelters ready for winter in a single day. Please join us. Contact Jim Todd (503x378x7003) to sign up.

October, date to be announced:  Mt. View Shelter and South Maxwell Shelter.  Volunteers will help Detroit RD staff stock firewood at these two Maxwell SnoPark shelters.  Mt. View is our only overnight shelter and its woodshed is huge.  We need your help to get the job done in a single day.  Please contact Jim Todd (503x378x7003), if you might have a Saturday free to help us.  

October 11, Tuesday, 0930-1200: Santiam Pass Winter Cooperators Meeting at Roger Schmidt Shelter, Ray Benson SnoPark. Willamette and Deschutes NF, ODOT, Linn Co. Sheriff’s Office, Hoodoo, MJSC, ONC and other groups will meet to discuss ways to keep winter recreation at Santiam Pass running smoothly and safely. Everyone is welcome to attend and raise concerns about operations at Ray Benson and the surrounding trail systems.

October 15-16:  Linn Co. Sheriff’s Office (LCSO), training for Search and Rescue (SAR) Team.  See below for more details.

The MJSC is cooperating with LCSO and Corvallis Mountain Rescue to support SAR services at Santiam Pass. If anyone has an emergency at Santiam Pass they can access this assistance by calling 911. MJSC is committed to keeping sled riders off the ski trail system, but has contacted our club about accessing the Nordic trails in case they need to reach someone in an emergency. We will be working with MJSC/SAR to help their volunteers learn access points WITHOUT running snowmobiles on ski trails. MJSC also invites Willamette Chapter members to join them and participate in the SAR program. A message from Bob Elliott, Point of Contact (POC) for MJSC/SAR, is attached. Please contact Bob at the phone# or email below if you have questions about the SAR program.

To the Nordic Club, my name is Bob Elliott and I’m the POC for the MJSC SAR team. The MJSC consists of 21 volunteers who are certified in SAR events working directly for Linn County SAR. We are based out of the Ray Benson Snow Park. We have been coordinating with Jim Todd for the last 2 seasons about how MJSC SARt team can assist an individual who may need to be helped out of the XC play area and back to the parking lot in a timely and safe manor. Jim and Steve Duch (MJSC) have come up with a plan that both groups would like try. If any Nordic Club members would like to join the MJSC SAR team they are welcome. Training will be 15-16 Oct at the LCSO training area outside Albany. This two day course certifies someone to be SAR qualified. Also completion of online 1st Aid and CPR are required. Upon being trained these volunteers would have access to SAR Vest and radios in the groomer shed at Ray Benson Snow Park. The purpose and goal is to have XC individuals available to respond on the trail network, the wilderness areas and other areas around Hoodoo. We do not have a solid plan yet on how recovery and SAR operations will work but this is a start. Our goal is to provide SAR coverage without interfering with dedicated XC trails and areas used by XC skiers. Currently MJSC SAR have rescue sleds and equipment to assist when needed. We hope not having to be requested but if so we will be ready to help. If interested or have questions my cell is 503-551-7708 for more details. My email is robert.eugene.elliott@gmail.com. Bob Elliott POC MJSC SAR team

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