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We also have a Facebook Page. Login to Facebook, then search for the page “Willamette Chapter of the Oregon Nordic Club”. Members can easily share private group messages from there, create public posts and share information. The page itself is not private, but you can share private messages. It may be an under utilized asset. If there is interest, I can easily make and manage an additional private group page, that can share private events. I know many do not care for Facebook, but it is a simple and free way to communicate with others. – Denise Sanders


December 2022

What a difference a year makes!  Last winter December 1st offered bare rock up to 7000’ in the Cascades.  This season we will have feet of snow at the Pass and a possibility of light snow below 1000’.  Are your skis waxed?  Have you purchased your SnoPark permit?  The season is beginning!

GET READY TO SKI! by Bob Young

Back in the day, we used to run a ski conditioning presentation at the beginning of ski season, and I’ve called upon our long-time ski instructor and fitness advocate Jim Warner to retrieve some important pre and post ski stretches for us.  We have attached those sheets for your use along with this message from Jim:

A note about stretching.

Back in the day, we were encouraged to bounce on the stretch, and if it didn’t pull and hurt it wasn’t helping. Now science knows that there are many ways to stretch but bouncing and hurting is just not a good idea. Gentle stretching before an activity can help warm up your muscles and joints, get the blood flowing into the area, and help make certain you are limbered up — potentially decreasing injury and increasing the fun of the outing and can get the kinks out from sitting in the car for too long.

After-stretching is a good cool-down activity that can help limit post-drive stiffness.  I usually recommend both a before-you-load-up and an after-the-drive session as well.

For a complete understanding of stretching and many more routines and instructions get a copy of STRETCHING by Bob Anderson. It is available at your favorite online bookstore, usually new and used.

The Stretching book also includes a longer list of conditioning stretches, and I can tell you for certain that it makes a big difference.  If you practice yoga you may recognize many of the poses.  Even when I was in fairly good condition from general work, play, and Nordic track workouts, the first ski left me with inner thigh and groin so sore that I could hardly walk the next day.  The muscles you use to control the direction of the skis just don’t normally get taxed in other activities.  Since I started yoga I have never had that problem again.  It really does work!  Get prepared, get out there, and have fun!


Please renew your membership for the 2022-2023 season.  For only $20 you receive access to all the inside club news, Ski School and the satisfaction of supporting our efforts to promote and improve cross-country skiing for everyone.  You can renew by downloading a renewal form at  Join us for a great season on the snow.

SOMETHING NEW to do on skis:

Willamette Chapter member Dayna Svendsen is the first ski volunteer with the Mt. Jefferson Snowmobile Club’s new Search and Rescue (SAR) group.  Dayna attended the group’s basic training in November and will participate in their on-snow training with Linn Co. Sheriff’s Office at Ray Benson this Saturday, Dec. 3.  Bob and Jim will also attend, since we are helping SAR members learn how to access Nordic trails in an emergency without riding the trails as a training exercise.  We will be at the groomer shed in Ray Benson parking lot from 0900 on.  If you are at the Pass, stop by, say ‘hello’ and learn about safety and the emergency response program at Santiam Pass.


The threat of COVID-19 has decreased as more people have become vaccinated.  But the disease is still with us and individual members should assess their risk carefully before deciding whether to ski with a group.  We are responsible for our own safety.  No one should participate in a club tour if they have symptoms that might indicate Coronavirus infection.  The Willamette Chapter will require everyone to be vaccinated to participate in club tours.  Tour leaders may require proof of vaccination.  Carpooling to the trailhead is an individual choice.  Those who carpool should wear a face covering as a precaution.  Tourers should maintain 6’ social distance at all times and wear face coverings when social distancing is not possible.  Please respect the choices of those who take extra precautions against COVID-19.

Guests are welcome on Willamette Chapter day tours.  Please contact the tour leader for details and to ensure the tour matches your interests and skill level.

We need more tour leaders for weekend tours; please step up and lead a tour to your favorite destination.  If you wish to lead a tour, suggest a tour destination or learn more about tour leading, contact Jim Todd (503x378x7003).  The tour schedule is sparse at present due to Holidays and uncertainties about early season snow conditions; more tours will be added as the season progresses.  Remember, impromptu tours are always an option.  If you yearn for a day on skis phone Jim or a skier on the roster emailed last month.  Connect with your fellow Club members and get out when it snows.

December 3, Saturday:  no organized tours scheduled, but there will be plenty of snow.  Consult your membership list and find some skiers to get out and enjoy with you.  Bob, Dayna and Jim will be at Ray Benson; see “Something New’ above.

December 10, Saturday:  Beginner/A Tour, an easy road ski or a trip to Hoodoo’s Nordic Tracks.  Contact Jim Todd (503x378x7003).

December 10 or 11, Saturday or Sunday:  B Tour, date and location depending on weather conditions and group interest.  Contact Bob Young (503x621x6626‬).

December 17, Saturday:  A Tour, Santiam Pass area, location depending on snow conditions.  Contact Jeanne Miller (503x588x0473).

December 28 or 29, Wednesday or Thursday:  a holiday tour, location and duration depending on weather and group interest.  Contact Jim Todd (503x378x7003).

December 31 or January1, Saturday or Sunday:  B Tour, date and location depending on weather conditions and group interest.  Contact Bob Young (503x621x6626‬).

January 7, Saturday:  B Tour, Ray Benson to Little Nash Traverse.  Contact Jim Todd (503x378x7003).

January 7or 8, Saturday or Sunday:  A Tour, location depending on snow conditions.  Contact Bill Nelson (503x576x1278).


Why not break the shackles that bind you to the calendar this season?  Try a mid-week tour.  Contact one of the enthusiasts below and arrange an escape from routine.  If you want to be added to this list, send your phone and email to Jim Todd, and we’ll include it in the next Newsletter.   Likewise, contact Jim, if you want your name removed for this season.

Weekday skiers:

Chuck Daellenbach 541x928x4256

Frank Hoffman 541x475x0185

Bianca Klar 503x949x9089

Bill Nelson 503x576x1278

Mark Olson 503x559x0728

Foxie Proctor 503x581x0207

Denise Sanders 503x859x4597

Jeff Starr 503x851x8403

Jim Todd 503x378x7003

Craig Wojcik 503x931x2705‬

Pam Wojcik 503x362x3439

Bob Young 503x621x6626


November 10, Thursday:  South Loop at Santiam Pass By Bob Young

A classic start to the ski season!  The sun was bright and there was no wind for a perfect cold temperature first ski.  I stepped into my bindings, looked down the slope, and my left ski decided it was time to go.  A moment of balance and the right ski decided to go as well.  It was slick and I was on my butt up to my elbows in soft cold snow.  Auspicious beginning but after dusting off and getting my ski legs working and Bianca to stop laughing at me, we had a great ski out Ray Benson south loop.  There were some tracks already set that made it pretty easy. . . . except that the tracks diverted around every little bump without regard to what a return trip good track could be.  Keep in mind if you plan to return on the same trail just what your trip back can be, or even just for those who will follow who can enjoy a nice stride and glide without unnecessary detours.  From the south loop junction we headed east but the track diversions became more excessive and the trail was under trees that were beginning to shed their snow so we turned back after about 1/2 mile of that and stuck to more open areas.  Tracks were 6″ to 8″ deep and stayed nice and slick except for a few spots in the sun that wanted to get sticky.  We kept it short, 5 miles, which was just right for that first ski.  Time to get out and enjoy it, people.


The Willamette Chapter has an active volunteer program assisting the Forest Service with ski trail clearing and marking; shelter construction and maintenance; and firewood stocking.  Thank you volunteers!  If you have questions about out volunteer projects or would like to join one, contact Mark Olson (503x559x0728) or Jim Todd (503x378x7003).


November 9, Wednesday:  Wood-stocking at North Blowout Shelter by Jim Todd

On the first real snow of the season David, Frank and I joined Jessica Larson of Deschutes NF at Santiam Pass for a ski to North Blowout Shelter and a bit of wood stacking.  We met at the 801 Rd., just off Hwy 20, and found nearly 18” of new snow.  Skiing east past ODOT’s gravel piles we found the PCT, turned south to the junction with the North Loop and followed North Loop to the North Blowout Shelter.  Along the way we cut a few small trees that had bent across the trail.  At North Blowout we shifted the benches away from the walls, restacked firewood behind the benches and shifted wood that was outside in the vestibule into the shelter and out of the snow.  The shelter is about a third full of firewood now.  After pausing to enjoy the views and a snack we skied our tracks back to the cars.  Snow was loose and unconsolitdated which made for steady trailbreaking and rather ragged skiing, but it was great to be out on snow again.

photo by Frank Hoffman


There is a limited supply of rental equipment for XC skiing in the Willamette Valley. Current sources and prices are listed below.  Please send us an email, if you know of other local sources for rental gear.  We will include it in a future Newsletter.

Salem Summit Co.240 Commercial St. NESalem, OR  97301503-990-7304$20/ 1st night; $10/ 2nd nightSalomon Snowscape 7 no-wax touring skis
Hoodoo Ski Bowl541-822-3799$25/dayRossignol no-wax touring skis
Peak Sports207 NW 2nd StCorvallis, OR  97330541-754-6444$25/48 hr

$30/48 hr
Rossignol no-wax touring skis
Rossignol metal-edged backcountry skis
Berg’s Ski & Snowboard Shop367 W 13th AveEugene, OR  97401541-683-1300$15/day, $10 2nd day
$25/day, $15 2nd day
$40/day, $30 2nd day
No-wax touring skisSkate ski packageAT Package: skis, boots, poles & skins
Mountain Shop1510 NE 37th AvenuePortland, OR  97232503-288-6768$30/ two nights
$20/ two nights
$35 / two nights  
No-wax touring skisKid’s touring skisMetal-edged backcountry skis 


We are still in the planning stage, but hope to resume our annual Ski School in late January or early February.  Watch the club’s website and the January Newsletter for details.


        The Willamette Chapter will not sell Sno Park permits in the absence of our regular monthly meetings.  Sno Park permits may be purchased online at the Oregon DMV:  Annual permits purchased directly from DMV cost $25—no handling fee.  The process takes only a few minutes and includes a downloadable copy you can print and use immediately while waiting for your permit to arrive in the mail.  Buy a permit and support Sno Park plowing.

The Newsletter now includes an Announcement Section. There members can post ski related items for sale, cross-country related questions, inquiries about conditions and suggestions for ski trips. Please send your announcements to Bob, Jim or Denise for inclusion in the Newsletter. Another good place for these items is on the website,

1.  Bob and Jim have their skis waxed and standing by the door.  If you are ready to go, too; then when the first real snow happens, phone Bob (503x 621×6626) for a B Tour or Jim (503x378x7003) for a Beginner/A Tour. 

2.  Nordic Trail Maps:  The Mt. Jefferson Snowmobile Club (MJSC) prints and distributes copies of the Santiam Pass Winter Recreation Map.  This map includes all ski and snowmobile trails in our area and is a great resource for planning tours.  Through our cooperative volunteer work with MJSC the Willamette Chapter has acquired a supply of these maps.  Contact Jim Todd (503x378x7003) to obtain your free copy of the Santiam Pass Winter Recreation Map. 


         Available                            President

         Jeanne Miller                      Vice President

         Bob Young                          Treasurer & Membership

         Denise Sanders                    Webmeister

         Genice Rabe                        Newsletter Editor

         Jim Todd                             Day Tour Chair

         David Forkner                     ONC State Board Rep & Board Member

         Pam Wojcik                     Overnight Trip Coordinator & Board Member  

         Mark Olson                     Volunteer Coordinator & Board Member  

         Christine Young                  Board Member

         Available                        Board Member

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