Volunteer at Little Nash Sno-park Thursday Nov. 7

Here’s one more sno-park trip for Salamanders, Scorpions and Oregon Nordic Club on Thursday November 7:  Little Nash sno-park trails, one mile west of Santiam Junction on Hwy 20.  Carpools from Salem leave at 0700 from Home Depot; those coming from Eugene will also need to leave at 0700 from their usual spot in Springfield.  Bring usual PPE, warm layers, food , water, etc.  We will be doing power saw log out and brushing.  If anyone from the Nordic Club can come and install missing blue diamonds that would be great.
Sign up for November 7 here:  here:  https://volunteersignup.org/JJ8Y9

Overnight Ski Trip in the Canadian Rockies

Canmore Ski Trip
This is a multiday trip to one of the most scenic areas of the Canadian Rockies.  Skiing is at its best later in the winter when we are going since the major storms have past but it is still well below freezing to keep the snow dry for good skiing.  All types of skiing ,back country trail, groomed nordic and downhill are just a short drive away from our base location in Canmore (about and hour drive west of Calgary if you fly rather than drive).  The local groomed Nordic area, almost within walking distance from condo, offers plenty of challenging trails since it was built for Olympic ski competition. We will spend four nights in Canmore and then one night in northern Idaho for the drive up and another night for the drive back to Salem.  Condo type units where we are staying have small but complete kitchens. Both grocery stores and restaurants are numerous in Canmore.  At this point one condo is full with four people and another condo can be reserved if we get three or four more participants.  For some of us this will be our third or fourth time to Canmore so we think it is well worth the trip for the skiing and the scenery.  Leaving Salem on 3/29, returning to Salem on 4/4.  Call for more details if you are interested  Craig Wojcik  503xx931xx2705.

OCTOBER 29, 2019 – Volunteers needed for Lava Lake Project

On Tuesday, Oct. 29, we’ll hold a joint work project with the Salamanders Trail Group to clear and mark neglected ski trails at the Lava Lake SnoPark on Hwy 20.  If you are free on weekdays, please join us.  You can sign up using the link below.  Please contact Beth Dayton mailto:bethdayton@comcast.net or myself mailto:toddwac18@gmail.com for more information.

Volunteers will meet at Salem Home Depot at 0700 to carpool.  Come prepared with gloves, eye protection, sturdy boots, food , water, warm layers and a larger day pack to carry it all.  Bring loppers, hand saw and hard hat, or borrow from us.  
This is the link to sign up for October 29 Lava Lake brushing, logout and signage:  https://volunteersignup.org/ARJ3E
Thanks, Jim
Jim Todd, Day Tour Chair
Willamette Chapter – Oregon Nordic Club

Willamette Volunteer Operations Workshop

October 15, 2019; 0900-1500

Springfield Interagency Office, 3106 Pierce Pkwy Springfield OR

Please RSVP by 10/4/19 to jennifer.sorensen@usda.gov or 541x510x1102

Meeting Goals: The Willamette NF is working to establish consistent protocol for volunteer operations forest wide. This workshop is aimed at helping the forest and partners to understand how volunteer groups and forest districts are currently operating on key topics, and engage everyone in facilitated discussion around where/why it’s important to have consistency across the forest. This first workshop will cover two specific topics: (1) How volunteer groups and districts define different types of volunteers (for example “crew leads”), and (2) How volunteer groups are managing field communications. No decisions will be made at this workshop, rather the focus will be on understanding the need for consistency and informing current conditions.


Facilitator: Gala Miller, Gifford Pinchot National Forest


Introductions & Welcome

Lead: Miller; District Ranger (TBD)

Welcome, Introductions & Meeting Logistics

Meeting goals & background on operations planning effort


High Cascades & Willamette Partnership

Leads: Bayliss & Sorensen

Refresher on goals of this partnership and the support provided by HCFV to volunteer groups


Session 1: Volunteer Types & Training Requirements

Leads: All

Discuss the need to establish consistent definitions for different types of volunteers to improve safety, equity and efficiency (for example: what does it mean to be a “Crew Lead” in each group?).

Hear from groups on if/how they designate different types of volunteers within their ranks, what these labels mean in practice, etc. Are we properly supporting training, etc. for these designations?

Discuss next steps: future discussions on solutions, recommendation to decision makers

Session includes a 15 minute break   


LUNCH (1hr)

Brown bag lunch or order lunch from onsite Stars & Stripes Café


Session 2: Field Communication (1hr)

Leads: All

Discuss the need to establish consistent expectations for field communications

Hear from volunteer groups and districts on:

What types of communication devises are currently being used?

When are they used? How are they shared among the group members, who provides/maintains them?

When are groups interfacing with dispatch? What does this interface look like?

What are the unmet needs for communication devises and support?

Discuss next steps: future discussions on solutions, recommendation to decision makers

Session includes a 15 minute break   


Closing & Next Steps (15min)

Discuss how best to move operations planning effort forward

Discuss next steps & closing

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The drop down menu contains the link to access the newsletter, which contains the trip reports with photos, and in the future will have the upcoming tours, etc….

Volunteer Opportunity


Saturday, October 5, 2019.  Meet at Airport Rd. Park-n-Ride at 7:00 am.    

The Club will stock firewood at Mt. View and South Maxwell Shelters.  Wood is split, just bring gloves, water, and lunch.

Thank you Volunteers

We had eight volunteers last Saturday and with the help of Mt. Jeff Snowmobile Club, Deschutes NF and the Central Oregon Landcruisers we were able to fill all four shelters at Santiam Pass.

Ski School

Saturday, January 25, 2020.

Ski School: Oregon Nordic Club-Willamette Chapter

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The ski school is comprised of an evening class and a day of ski instruction. Training is appropriate for beginner through intermediate levels. The school teaches, reviews, and gives you an opportunity to practice cross-country skills. Willamette Chapter membership is required for participation in the Ski School.

COST: $24.00 per student for trail passes and group lesson. Rental skis are available from Hoodoo for $12.00.

EVENING CLASSROOM SESSION: Tuesday, January 21, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at Pringle Hall, 606 Church St SE, Salem Oregon. The classroom session, taught by experienced ONC skiers, is designed to familiarize the skier with ski safety, equipment, clothing choices, and basic ski skills using a combination of lecture and videos.

ON THE SNOW SESSION: Saturday, January 25, 2020, at Hoodoo’s groomed Nordic trails. The on snow day combines a group lesson, taught by Hoodoo’s PSIA certified Nordic instructors, and a practice session with mentoring by ONC’s experienced skiers. Departure time and place from Salem to be announced at the Jan 21st meeting. Return at approximately 5:00 PM. The focus will be on the demonstration and practice of fundamental cross-country skiing skills. Students are responsible for their own food, water, equipment, and transportation. Car-pooling is encouraged. The club will offer several beginner ski tours during the remainder of the ski season so you can practice your skills. Plus, as a member of the club, you can attend monthly meetings and you will receive the club newsletter.

WAIVER: By signing below, I release the Oregon Nordic Club, Hoodoo, and the US Forest Service from any liability for any injury that may occur while participating in the ski school. I realize there are risks in participating in this outdoor sport, and that some risks are unforeseeable. I give this release freely, with full knowledge that this is a hazardous sporting activity. I will also hold the club, its officers, and the individual instructors harmless for my use or misuse of the information presented.

Name (Print) __________________________________________________________________


Nordic Club Member (Y/N)

Home Phone _________________

Day Phone_______________

Street Address ________________________________________________________________

City _______________________________________ Zip _________________

Email _______________________________________________________________________

Send application to: Oregon Nordic Club, PO Box 181 Salem, OR 97308.For more information, please contact Bob Young at 503ww621ww6626, arch.byoung at gmail.com.

Volunteer Opportunities

Please contact Bob or Jim if you are looking for volunteer opportunities.

September 21, Saturday:   Wood Stocking at Santiam Pass Shelters  
We will join the Mt. Jefferson Snowmobile Club and Forest Service staff at Ray Benson SnoPark to stock firewood in the Roger Schmidt, North Blowout, Island Junction and Brandenburg Shelters.  Wood will be split at Ray Benson, then hauled and stacked at the outlying shelters.  MJSC is providing lunch for volunteers (though you may wish to bring some treats to share) so you just need to bring gloves and water.  This is a huge task to complete in one day, so we need lots of volunteers.  Contact Mark Olson mailto:mark@olson.us or Jim Todd mailto:toddwac18@gmail.com for more details or to sign up.


We will need tour leaders for weekend tours; please step up and lead a tour to your favorite destination. If you wish to lead a tour, suggest a tour destination or learn more about tour leading, contact Jim Todd (503xx378xx7003). Please contact leaders as early as possible; this helps them plan their tours.