Oregon Nordic Club – Willamette (Salem) Chapter Membership Application / Renewal Form Annual Individual or Family Membership fee is $20.00.

Please make checks payable to Oregon Nordic Club Mail to:

Oregon Nordic Club – Willamette Chapter P.O. Box 181 Salem, OR 97308


Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________




Phone: _______________________________________________________________ (optional)

E-mail address: ______________________________________________________(optional)

I hereby release the Oregon Nordic Club (ONC) from any liability for any injury to myself or my family which may occur while participating in any club activity. I realize that there are risks in the participation of this outdoor sport, and that some risks are unforeseeable. I freely give this release with full knowledge that this is a hazardous activity.

Signature: ______________________________________________


(Contact Bob Young for more information)

2 Comments on “Membership

  1. Hello, I am interested in participating in the ONCW and would love more information about how to do so. I am having some trouble finding more information about the time of the next meeting–it seems that the link to the blog is broken. Please contact me with more details and I look forward to meeting you!


    • I sent you contact info via personal email and removed the dead blog link. Hopefully we will have a shiny new members blog in February.
      GENERAL CLUB MEETING: Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of the month from October through April, at the Pringle Hall Community Center, located at 606 Church Street, SE, Salem, Oregon. Business is kept to a minimum. A social period is followed by a ski-related program or, perhaps, a pot luck or membership equipment sale/swap. The public is welcome at these meetings.


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