Ski School and Continuing Education

Ski School, Saturday, January 25, 2020

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The ski school is comprised of an evening class and a day of ski instruction. Training is appropriate for beginner through intermediate levels. The school teaches, reviews, and gives you an opportunity to practice cross-country skills. Willamette Chapter membership is required for participation in the Ski School. COST: $24.00 per student for trail passes and group lesson. Rental skis are available from Hoodoo for $12.00.

EVENING CLASSROOM SESSION: Tuesday, January 21, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at Pringle Hall, 606 Church St SE, Salem Oregon. The classroom session, taught by experienced ONC skiers, is designed to familiarize the skier with ski safety, equipment, clothing choices, and basic ski skills using a combination of lecture and videos.

ON THE SNOW SESSION: Saturday, January 25, 2020, at Hoodoo’s groomed Nordic trails. The on snow day combines a group lesson, taught by Hoodoo’s PSIA certified Nordic instructors, and a practice session with mentoring by ONC’s experienced skiers. Departure time and place from Salem to be announced at the Jan 21st meeting. Return at approximately 5:00 PM. The focus will be on the demonstration and practice of fundamental cross-country skiing skills. Students are responsible for their own food, water, equipment, and transportation. Car-pooling is encouraged. The club will offer several beginner ski tours during the remainder of the ski season so you can practice your skills. Plus, as a member of the club, you can attend monthly meetings and you will receive the club newsletter.

WAIVER: By signing below, I release the Oregon Nordic Club, Hoodoo, and the US Forest Service from any liability for any injury that may occur while participating in the ski school. I realize there are risks in participating in this outdoor sport, and that some risks are unforeseeable. I give this release freely, with full knowledge that this is a hazardous sporting activity. I will also hold the club, its officers, and the individual instructors harmless for my use or misuse of the information presented.

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Send application to: Oregon Nordic Club, PO Box 181 Salem, OR 97308.

 For more information, please contact Bob Young at 503xx621xx6626, arch.byoung at gmail dot com.

Skill Development: A professional lesson is the best way to begin cross-country skiing.  Firm grounding in basic technique leads to skiing proficiency more quick and increases enjoyment of this great winter sport.  Joining a local ski club also offers excellent opportunities to practice new skills and learn from experienced skiers.  For further development, we recommend the following aids to self directed learning:

Books: “Cross-country Skiing: building skills for fun and fitness” by Steve Hindman; The Mountaineers, 2005.   Comprehensive treatment of all aspects of cross-country from racing to backcountry travel.  The descriptions of basic and advanced technique are excellent.  If you want just one book on cross-country skiing, this is it.

Videos:  Thousands of cross-country skiing videos are posted on youtube, vimeo and other sites.  These selections are among the best at explaining and demonstrating basic technique.

Classic (Diagonal Stride) Technique:

Free Style (Skate) Technique:

Telemark Turns:

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