Ski School and Continuing Education

Ski School, Saturday, January 25, 2020:  Date is tentative depending on confirmation with Hoodoo when it is up and running, usually around Thanksgiving.

Skill Development: A professional lesson is the best way to begin cross-country skiing.  Firm grounding in basic technique leads to skiing proficiency more quick and increases enjoyment of this great winter sport.  Joining a local ski club also offers excellent opportunities to practice new skills and learn from experienced skiers.  For further development, we recommend the following aids to self directed learning:

Books: “Cross-country Skiing: building skills for fun and fitness” by Steve Hindman; The Mountaineers, 2005.   Comprehensive treatment of all aspects of cross-country from racing to backcountry travel.  The descriptions of basic and advanced technique are excellent.  If you want just one book on cross-country skiing, this is it.

Videos:  Thousands of cross-country skiing videos are posted on youtube, vimeo and other sites.  These selections are among the best at explaining and demonstrating basic technique.

Classic (Diagonal Stride) Technique:

Free Style (Skate) Technique:

Telemark Turns:

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