November 2022


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November 2022

Welcome to the 2022-2023 ski season.  Snow is falling intermittently on Santiam Pass.  The optimists among us will be on the slopes with their rock skis any day now.  Even pessimists may be skiing by Thanksgiving. The winter is beginning well.  

So what do you want to do on skis this season?  Tour to a new destination?  Improve your ski technique or stamina? Just get on the snow to enjoy the beauty of winter?  Whatever your goal, the Willamette Chapter is here to help.  Check your member list to find partners for a ski venture.  Contact the club’s Board members about tours you wish to join or lead and issues you would like the club to pursue.  Together we’ll have a great time.

MOST VALUABLE MEMBER AWARD:  the Willamette Chapter has a special award, granted intermittently, to members whose volunteer participation in Club activities has been especially noteworthy.  The Club extends free membership to winners of our Most Valuable Member Award (in addition to the commemorative plaque which is in the possession of the most recent recipient).  So it is with pleasure that we announce free memberships for David Forkner, Jack Hande, Chuck Hinkle, Stuart McDill, Jerry Vessello and Jim Warner.  Congratulations, and thanks again to each of you for all that you have done for the Club.


Please renew your membership for the 2022-2023 season.  For only $20 you receive access to all the inside club news, Ski School, Overnight Trips and the satisfaction of supporting our efforts to promote and improve cross-country skiing for everyone.  You can download a renewal form at  Join us for a great season on the snow.


The Willamette Chapter has an active volunteer program assisting the Forest Service with ski trail clearing and marking; shelter construction and maintenance; and firewood stocking.  Thank you volunteers!  If you have questions about out volunteer projects or would like to join one, contact Mark Olson (503x559x0728) or Jim Todd (503x378x7003).

Volunteer Reports:

October 20, Thursday:  Bob, Frank, Mark & Jim met at Mtn. View shelter to move the two truckloads of wood dumped on the 15th inside the woodshed.  When this task was finished we returned to Duffy trailhead to split more wood.  With help from John of the Detroit RD trial crew, another three truckloads of wood were split and left for delivery to the shelter.

photo by Frank Hoffman

October 22, Saturday:  Bill and Dayna met Jordan from Detriot RD to wrap up wood-stocking at Mtn. View Shelter.  Working in the season’s first snowfall they hauled two truckloads from Duffy trailhead to the shelter and sent a third load to the Detroit station for later use.  Mtn. View is now fully stocked and ready for winter.  Bring on the snow!

photo by Dayna Svendsen

Volunteer Projects:

November 8 and 9, Tuesday and Wednesday:  Jessica Larson, Deschutes NF volunteer coordinator, needs volunteers at Santiam Pass hauling firewood to North Blowout Shelter and clearing a few logs from the North Loop.  Contact Jim Todd (503x378x7003) if you can help.


        Sno Park permits may be purchased online at the Oregon DMV:  Annual permits purchased directly from DMV cost $25—no handling fee.  The process takes only a few minutes and includes a downloadable copy you can print and use immediately while waiting for your permit to arrive in the mail.  Buy a permit and support Sno Park plowing. 


The Willamette Chapter will hold its annual Ski School this season in cooperation with the PSIA certified Nordic instructors at Hoodoo.  This is a great opportunity for beginners to explore our sport and for experienced skiers to hone their skills.  Ski School date and other details will be published as soon as they are settled.

OREGON NORDIC CLUB:  Statewide Board Meeting

The ten chapters of the Oregon Nordic Club will hold their first statewide board meeting of the season via Zoom on Nov. 7 at 6:00 pm.  All Nordic Club members are welcome to participate.  If you wish to join this meeting, contact Jim Todd (503x378x7003) for the Agenda and Zoom link.

The Newsletter now includes an Announcement Section. members can post ski related items for sale, cross-country related questions, inquiries about conditions and suggestions for ski trips. Please send your announcements to Bob, Jim or Denise or Genice for inclusion in the Newsletter. Another good place for these items is on the website,

1.  Bob and Jim have their skis waxed and standing by the door.  If you are ready to go, too; then when the first real snow happens, phone Bob (503x 621×6626) for a B Tour or Jim (503x378x7003) for a Beginner/A Tour. 

Tour Ratings: A key to the Tour Rating codes: 

“Beginner” = Easy, short distances on flat or gentle slopes; appropriate for first time skiers.

“A” = Easy, distances up to 5 or 6 miles with a few slopes; basic skills are required; some of these may not be suitable for 1st time skiers. 

“B” = Intermediate or experienced; distances of 6 to 12 miles or possible elevation gains of 2000 feet; may include steeper sections; some downhill skills are required. 

“C” = Advanced, longer with greater elevation gains; includes both trails and off-trail with frequent steep terrain.

“D” = Expert, very difficult or long; possible backcountry travel and/or ski mountaineering.


         Available                            President

         Jeanne Miller                      Vice President

         Bob Young                          Treasurer & Membership

         Denise Sanders                    Webmeister

         Genice Rabe                        Newsletter Editor

         Jim Todd                             Day Tour Chair

         David Forkner                     ONC State Board Rep & Board Member

         Pam Wojcik                     Overnight Trip Coordinator & Board Member  

         Mark Olson                     Volunteer Coordinator & Board Member  

         Christine Young                  Board Member

         Available                        Board Member

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