Willamette Chapter – ONC: Fall volunteer projects

Volunteer Project: Saturday August 27

It still feels like summer, but winter is only a few months away.  We need to clear ski trails and stock shelters before the snow falls.  Club volunteers have already scouted trails at Ray Benson, Potato Hill and Little Nash SnoParks.  There’s quite a bit of brushing, marking and logging to be done.  The Cascade Volunteers’ Salamander crew has offered to do the logging. Our club will take care of the rest.  Our first volunteer project will be held Saturday, Aug. 27, to remove sapling conifers and place blue diamonds on the Ray Benson trails.  We will hold a second trail work day Sep. 2 or 3, if there is enough interest.  If you can help on any of these dates–or if you just have questions about our volunteer program–please reply.
Later this fall we will also help the Detroit RD place new signs on the Maxwell trails and stock firewood at our winter shelters. 
Thanks for helping with these projects, Jim

Jim Todd, Day Tour Chair
Willamette Chapter – Oregon Nordic Club

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