…Tour ReportMay 2, Sunday:

by Jim Todd photos
by Dayna Svendsen

…a little misty rain, some sleet, a dusting of snow and plenty of afternoon sunshine. It was all good. We had intended a last foray north of Santiam Pass, but the rapid melt left too many bare patches and lodgepole tangles for pleasant skiing on south facing slopes leading up to Three Fingered Jack.

Instead we parked at Hoodoo and pinned our hopes on the plateau west of the downhill runs. After a steep climb we found, once again, a hidden stash of skiable snow that holds later than most surrounding terrain. Even better, we discovered the Big Hoodoo thinning project has opened it up for rambles in all directions (CHECK IT OUT NEXT SEASON!). We wandered southwards around Hoodoo, yo-yo’d down and back up in a few places, enjoyed the views and cruised Hoodoo’s Skyline XC trail and Over Easy downhill run back to the lodge. Bob, Dayna, Fiona and I a fine day of spring skiing.

by Jim Todd , photos by Dayna Svendsen

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