By Jim Todd

George Susbauer, a long-term member of the Willamette Chapter passed away last week at the age of 70. In addition to skiing with our club and hiking with the Chemeketans, George was a noted community volunteer and was named Citizen of the Year by Sublimity and Stayton in 2012. As a volunteer for the Willamette Chapter, George will be remembered for his work building the North Blowout Shelter (and serving fresh sweet corn to our volunteers) and for inventing the Blue Diamond Hammer that the club still uses to place ski trail markers. Thank you, George. Rest in peace.

2 thoughts on “IN MEMORIAM

  1. Gosh.. learning of George’s passing is disconcerting. Even though I have not seen him for many years, I have fond memories of our few interactions. I recall him being the caregiver of his (dad?) He’ll not be forgotten by those who knew him. .

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    1. The news surprised me too. When my grandma was in Marion Estates, I was impressed by how much he eagerly did for the community.


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