TOUR REPORT: March 11, Thursday:

Frank and I enjoyed 4-5 miles of rambling between Hwy 20 and Ray Benson without touching a ski trail. The current snowpack is deep enough to cover fallen trees and smooth steeper, rocky spots. Also, the Big Hoodoo thinning project has opened up plenty of space between trees and tree wells. It’s now a pleasure to head out “cross-country” and choose your own path. We took a compass bearing out to North Blowout Shelter, climbed to point 4927′ and then discovered an unmapped lake (now called Enigma Lake) near the Fireline Snowmobile trail. The lake is at 44º24’17.6″N, 121º50’52.9″W (WGS 84). If you are bored with the North and South Loops or tired of fighting their frozen ruts, grab a map and compass or GPS and go exploring. The views are great and you might find something new.

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