Trip Report, January 31

After several days of freeze-thaw conditions, the forecast promised yet another warm day, with a high of 44 F, after freezing night.  Jim Todd and Bianca Klar proceeded to ski towards Santiam Lake.  Traumatized from the unprecedented crowds at the parking lot and the entire corridor of Santiam Pass the week before, we decided to show up at 8 am at the snow park to secure ourselves a parking space.  We knew that this early the snow was going to be frozen cement (and it was), but we came prepared for it.  We skinned up going to the lake and at times the going was easier without the skis.  Around 11:00 am the snow began to soften and the skiing became more pleasant:-).  We reached the lake around noon and enjoyed the beautiful views of Three Fingered Jack, Mount Jefferson and the lake itself with an aquamarine looking water at the center of it. On the way back we had very nice glide with a few icy surprises.  Some of the shady areas never thawed out, especially close to the creek.  It was a lovely day for some fresh air exercise, about 12 miles round trip. 

Report by Bianca Klar

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