Trip Report

By Bob Young

Fay Lake ski 12-2-20
With winds forecast for the pass I decided to stay in the trees and catch some snow before the upcoming sunny days create crusty conditions. It’s been years since I’ve skied to Fay Lake and pulling off at Big Meadow Road was available. Recent 4-wheel traffic left a smooth center area that had just a skiff of new snow making it like a groomed track up to the Fay Lake junctions. From there, foot traffic continued from the Maxwell side for about a half mile. 2 small down trees were covered with snow and 1 larger one, part way down, stretched halfway across the road. Most of the snow condition was perfect for game tracks. The only challenge was the icy snow shed under trees which became more frequent as I progressed. A quarter mile from the lake road 405 forks to the left and was so open and inviting that I went that direction for about a mile, setting about 2” deep track, until I hit sunny patches that were very sticky. Caught just a glimpse of the top of Turpentine, where Jim Todd and I hiked to the peak earlier this year, and then turned back. Classic stride and glide back to the junction of 2257. That last quarter mile up to the lake was, ummm, not fun. A bit steeper and icy under the full tree canopy but the effort rewarded me with a sunny warm rock and great view of the lake for lunch. The return trip is mostly gentle downhill. The last mile was perfect for practicing long stride with full pole extensions behind. Total of about 8 miles, calm and cool air, great day of exercise.

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