Month: November 2020

First Ski

After a week of anticipation and careful observation of what the storm was doing in the cascades, we scored a golden and rare opportunity to ski on a bluebird day and on fluffy snow! Bob Young and I ventured out to Hoodoo where we… Continue Reading “First Ski”

Mountain View and South Maxwell Snow Shelters are closed to limit spreading of COVID-19

Snow Park Permits

Sno Park permits may be purchased online, here, at the Oregon DMV.

NOVEMBER 2020 NEWSLETTER ONC Willamette Chapter

SNO Park permits may be purchased online at: Skiing in Time of Covid-19 The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting all of our lives in nearly every way. But with winter approaching, we can be sure that if snow falls there could be skiing. The… Continue Reading “NOVEMBER 2020 NEWSLETTER ONC Willamette Chapter”