COVID-19 and the wildfires have delayed our volunteer activities, but we are still moving ahead with some projects.  On Saturday, Oct. 17, we have a joint woodstocking event at Ray Benson SnoPark with the Mt. Jefferson Snowmobile Club.  MJSC has already collected the logs at Ray Benson.  They will buck them into stove lengths and on the 17th will have two log splitters working.  We hope to produce enough firewood to stock the Ray Benson shelter managed by MJSC and also the North Blowout, Island Jct. and Brandendurg shelters out on the trails.  Willamette Chapter volunteers will help split wood and haul and stack it at the shelters.  All four shelters can be stocked in a single day, if there are enough volunteers.  

As always, safety is an important concern for our volunteer projects.  Gloves, boots and long sleeves are essential and earplugs, safety glasses and hard hats should be worn when needed.  We will also need to follow COVID-19 safety protocols.  These include maintaining social distance of 6′ when working (this means no carpooling), wearing face masks if working within 6′ of others, washing or sanitizing hands regularly and sanitizing tools.  Given the type of work carrying and stacking wood, I think we will be wearing masks most to the time.  MJSC has indicated that they wil bring extra masks.

MJSC is serving lunch for volunteers and is planning to “social distance” the process, but you may bring your own lunch and eat separately for added safety, if you wish.

Please join us if you can. Contact me by email or phone 503x378x.7003 if you have questions or to sign up.

Hope to see you on Oct. 17.

Regards, Jim

Jim Todd, Day Tour Chair
Willamette Chapter – Oregon Nordic Club

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