It is with great sadness that the Willamette Chapter acknowledges the death of Steve Allen, long time club member, who passed away in Albany, New York last week. Steve joined the Willamette Chapter in its early days when he moved to Oregon in the late 1970s. He was an enthusiastic cross-country skier and an active club member for many years. Steve held every club office, several of them multiple times, organized overnight ski trips for the club and helped build the original North Blowout Shelter. He also ran aid stations for the John Craig Memorial Ski event, taught at the Willamette Chapter’s Ski School and led many great ski tours. Upon retiring from the Social Security Administration, Steve returned to his family roots in New York, but kept in touch with friends in the Willamette Chapter through emails and the Club’s Newsletter. Steve will be remembered by his friends for his sense of humor, enthusiastic skiing and mentoring, and, from the early days, for his use of Bratley Brown Klister–the nor’easter’s secret weapon. Rest in peace, Steve. We miss you.

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