Willamette Chapter-Oregon Nordic Club: COVID19 Response – March 18, 2020

The Willamette Chapter is canceling its meetings and ski tours until precautions related to the COVID19 outbreak are lifted.  The statewide Oregon Nordic Club has also canceled the John Craig Ski Event at McKenzie Pass which was scheduled for Saturday, March 21.  

In other ski-related news:  
1.  All of our local ski areas have closed  
2.  This morning’s posting from the Teacup Nordic Club indicates they are closing the Ray Garey Cabin at Teacup Lake, but will continue to groom their trails  
3.  US Forest Service offices are currently closed to the public and all volunteer projects on National Forests have been canceled  

Nevertheless, the mountains are open and covered in snow.  Cross-country skiing provides healthy outdoor exercise and may be practiced with slight risk of spreading coronavirus; but skiers should be aware that risks exist and should make their own decisions regarding whether to continue skiing.  If you ski, please take appropriate precautions:
1.  Stay home if you have a dry cough, fever or any cold or flu-like symptoms
2.  Wash hands frequently and practice social distancing
3.  Avoid carpooling, but try to arrange to meet other skiers so you do not ski alone

For more information visit the Oregon Health Authority site: https://www.oregon.gov/OHA/Pages/index.aspx, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html. The Willamette Chapter hopes to schedule summer activities after the restrictions are lifted. Stay safe and well.

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