February 2020 ONC Willamette Newsletter

Willamette Chapter–Oregon Nordic Club
P.O. Box 181
Salem, OR 97308
****Remember:  Our meetings are shifting back to the 2nd Tuesday of the month for the remainder of the season****
Monthly Meeting, Tuesday, Feb. 11, 7:00 pm at Pringle Hall, 606 Church St SE , Salem
            Snow Tracks!  Jim Todd will present a slideshow of the varied wildlife tracks found in our Cascade snow.  If you have photos of tracks you wish to share, please email them to Jim (toddwac 18 at gmail dot com), or bring them to the meeting on a flash drive.
            Please renew your membership for the 2019-2020 season.  For only $20 you receive access to all the inside club news, Ski School, Overnight Trips and the satisfaction of supporting our efforts to promote and improve cross-country skiing for everyone.  You can renew at our monthly meetings or download a renewal form at oncwillamette.org/membership.  Join us for a great season on the snow.  Note:  an updated password for the club’s website will be sent to all current members before the February news is posted.
           March 21, Saturday:  John Craig Memorial Ski Event at McKenzie Pass.  This is a great chance to stretch your ski legs and experience the beautiful views from the summit of McKenzie Pass.  Details will be posted with the March News.  Watch this page.
            The Willamette Chapter is selling the cheapest Sno-Park permits in town.  The annual permits will be sold to you at cost ($25) at all club meetings.  Be the first on your block to have one pasted in your car window.
            The Willamette Chapter has an active volunteer program assisting the Forest Service with ski trail clearing and marking, as well as shelter construction, maintenance and firewood stocking.  Thank you volunteers!  Please call Mark Olson (503x559x0728) or Jim Todd (503x378x7003) for more information or to sign up for one of our projects
            During the ski season Willamette Chapter members help the Forest Service maintain and improve ski trails by reporting trail and shelter conditions. Please help the Deschutes and Willamette National Forests use their limited resources efficiently by sending a Nordic Trail Report when you ski their marked trails. “High Cascades Forest Volunteers” records volunteer activity and reports directly to Forest Service offices. You can access their special Nordic Trail Report form at:
http://www.highcascadesvolunteers.com/WorkReports/WorkReportNordicTrail.html. You can also find the Nordic Trail form by searching for “high cascade volunteers” and going to their website: http://www.highcascadesvolunteers.com/. From the home page click “HCFV Work Report Form” at the top of the left column and then click “Nordic Trail Report” at the bottom of the right column. Fill in the boxes on the form; describe any trail obstructions or problems you encounter; and then click “Submit” at the bottom. Thanks for your help.

            What a shock!  Jim Todd on snowshoes for the first time?  Yes, it’s true; but for a good cause.  On Tuesday, Jan. 28, I joined volunteers from the Salamander and Scorpion trail groups to clear downed trees from the trails at Maxwell SnoPark.  “Just six small trees across the trail to Mt. View Shelter”, our scout reported–“piece of cake”.  Right!  We notched the sixth tree within 100 yd. of the parking lot.  By the time we hacked our way to Mt. View and slashed back down the tally was 30 trees.  We returned to Maxwell SnoPark worn and wet (3” of sloppy snow fell during the day), but now the main routes to Mt. View are clear.  We owe a very special “thank you” to the Salamanders and Scorpions for enthusiastically tackling these blowdowns.
            And the snowshoeing?  Well, it is not skiing.  You may quote me.

            Guests are welcome on Willamette Chapter day tours.  Please contact the tour leader for details and to ensure the tour matches your interests and skill level.
            We need more tour leaders for weekend tours; please step up and lead a tour to your favorite destination.  If you wish to lead a tour, suggest a tour destination or learn more about tour leading, contact Jim Todd (503z378z7003).  Remember, impromptu tours are always an option.  If you yearn for a day on skis, phone Jim, one the leaders below or a skier on the weekday list.  Connect with your fellow Club members and get out when it snows.
February 8, Saturday:  A Tour, Santiam Pass area.  Contact Genice Rabe (506w371w6347).
February 8, Saturday:  B Tour, Benson/Little Nash traverse—if snow permits.  Contact Jim Todd (503w378w7003).
February 15, Saturday:  A Tour, location depending on snow conditions. Contact Mark Olson (503w559w0728).
February 15 or 16, Saturday or Sunday:  B Tour, Santiam Pass area; date and location depending on snow conditions and group interest.  Contact Bob Young (503w621w6626).
February 22, Saturday:  A Tour, Three Creeks area.  Contact John Hortsch (503w749w1988).
February 22 or 23, Saturday or Sunday:  B Tour, Santiam Pass area; location and date depending on snow conditions and group interest.  Contact Bianca Klar (503w949w9089).
February 23, Sunday:  A Tour, Santiam Pass area.  Contact Pam & Craig Wojcik (503w931w2705).
February 29, Saturday:  Beginner/A Tour, Hoodoo Nordic tracks.  Contact Keith Hodgins (503w363w5872).
February 29, Saturday:  B Tour, Maxwell SnoPark trails.  Contact Jeff Starr (503w851w8403).

March 1, Sunday:  A Tour, location depending on snow conditions.  Contach Roz Shirack (503w399w8615).

March 7, Saturday:  A Tour, location depending on snow conditions.  Contact Ron Allowitz (503w951w3110).
March 7 or 8, Saturday or Sunday:  B Tour, Santiam Pass area; date and location depending on snow conditions and group interest.  Contact Bob Young (503w621w6626).
March 14, Saturday:  B Tour, Santiam Lake or Maxwell Butte traverse.  Contact Jim Todd (503w378w7003).

March 15, Sunday:  A Tour, location depending on snow conditions.  Contach Roz Shirack (503w399w8615).

March 21, Saturday:  A/B Tour, John Craig Ski Event at McKenzie Pass.  Watch the NEWS for details.
March 22, Sunday:  A Tour, Santiam Pass area.  Contact Pam & Craig Wojcik (503w931w2705).
Tour Ratings: A key to the Tour Rating codes:
            “Beginner-Easy”  = Short distances on flat or gentle slopes. Appropriate for first time skiers.
            “A” = Easy-Distances up to 5 or 6 miles with a few slopes. Some basic skills are required. Some of these may not be suitable for 1st time skiers.
            “B” = Intermediate or experienced-Distances of 6 to 12 miles or possible elevation gains of 2000 feet. May include steeper sections. Some downhill skills are required.
            “C” = Advanced-Longer with greater elevation gains. Includes both trails and off-trail with frequent steep terrain.
            “D” = Expert-Very difficult or long. Possible backcountry travel and/or mountaineering.
The Club encourages carpooling for tours and suggests that riders reimburse the driver 10 cents per mile (total round trip miles).
            The Willamette Chapter is sharing ski tours with the Chemeketans again this season.  Here is their tour list for 2020.  Please note that some of the dates have changed since the January posting. Contact Bruce Moffatt if you have questions or wish to join one of the Chemeketan ski tours.
Chemetekan XC Ski Schedule
Feb. 8th Cross the Crest. An XC ski tour beginning at Santiam SnoPark and crossing the Cascade Crest. Round trip 6-8 miles. Going towards the Booth Lake, Square Lake vicinity. Moderate difficulty. Contact the leader brucemoffatt3@gmail.com
Mar. 7th Hoodoo Ski Bowl to Potato Hill SnoPark. A moderate ski tour, being comfortable with some moderate downhill sections will make you feel more at ease.
About 4 miles with an alpine feel without the elevation gain. A short and often overlooked, classic ski tour.  Contact the leader at brucemoffatt3@gmail.com
Mar. 14th Ski Skills Improvement- Groomed tracks at Hoodoo Ski Bowl. Come on out and get some tips, ski more confidently and comfortably. Brush up on your skills work on your fitness and enjoy the snow. Contact the leader at brucemoffatt3@gmail.com
April 17th Hut-to-Hut Tour, Dutchman’s Flat to Three Creeks SnoPark.
Sign up now so we can reserve this weekend. Limited to 7 skiers.   Ski the backcountry hut system without a heavy pack. Food, sleeping systems, shuttle are included in the price. Enjoy traveling light through spring snow of Central Oregon.  Contact the leader at brucemoffatt3@gmail.com
 Canmore Ski Trip
March 29 – April 4
This is a multiday trip to one of the most scenic areas of the Canadian Rockies.  Skiing is at its best later in the winter when we are going since the major storms have past but it is still well below freezing to keep the snow dry for good skiing.  All types of skiing , backcountry trail, groomed Nordic and downhill are just a short drive away from our base location in Canmore (about and hour drive west of Calgary if you fly rather than drive).  The local groomed Nordic area, almost within walking distance from condo, offers plenty of challenging trails since it was built for Olympic ski competition. We will spend four nights in Canmore and then one night in northern Idaho for the drive up and another night for the drive back to Salem.  Condo type units where we are staying have small but complete kitchens. Both grocery stores and restaurants are numerous in Canmore.  For some of us this will be our third or fourth time to Canmore so we think it is well worth the trip for the skiing and the scenery.  Leaving Salem on 3/29, returning to Salem on 4/4.  Call for more details if you are interested  Craig Wojcik  503xx931xx2705.
            Note:  condos reserved for this trip are full, but other accomodations are available if you wish to join this trip.
Central Oregon Ski Weekend
February 21–Sunday February 23 – I am leading a weekend ski trip to the La Pine Area in February.
We stay at no cost at a large home on the banks of the Deschutes River just west of La Pine.
Many local skiing options including the Paulina Lake area as well as Meissner SnoPark (groomed trails) and Dutchman’s Flat near Mt. Bachelor Ski area as well as the groomed trails at Bachelor, to name a few. We can order pizza from a nearby parlor or cook group meals. We have a full service kitchen to prepare meals. We have room for a dozen skiers. The dates are Friday February 21–Sunday February 23.
Contact information:
Mark Olson at 503xx559xx0728 or mark at olson dot us.
Mark W. Olson
8750 Oak Grove Rd.
Rickreall, Or 97371
Note:  still room for more skiers on this trip.
 April 17 – Hut-to-Hut ski trip from Dutchman Flats to Three Creeks SnoPark,.  See Chemeketan XC Schedule above for details.

            January 25, Saturday:  yes, I know “awesome” is an overworked word.  But unfortunately my tattered copy of Roget’s Thesaurus provides no alternative.  Apparently they didn’t do “awesome” in 1937.  So for lack of a better word I must say “Ski School was AWESOME!”  First, with a weather forecast of 100% chance of rain we had nothing but sunshine and a few afternoon clouds.  Second, Hoodoo’s grooming and lessons were superb.  Third, and best of all, the students:  all smiles, all enthusiasm and all gonzo skiers—even the ones who had never XC’d before.  At the end of the day we set three slalom courses down to the Lodge and all of our students made 18 turns without a miss or a fall.  Everyone graduates with honors!  We hope you had as much fun as your instructors and will be joining us for ski tours soon.
            February 1, Saturday:  anyone for Big Springs in the rain?  Yes, we had a real contrast to Jeanne’s tour to Brandenburg on Feb. 2.  But in spite of steady rain from above and soggy crud underneath our three Ski School alums and two old hands enjoyed a day of skiing under towering old growth conifers.  Everyone should ski something on a wet day (once).