January 11 trip report

NOAA’s prognostication of copious amounts of snow and winter weather warning turned out to be exaggerated.  It is piling up though and with possible worsening condition Jim Todd and I decided to chance it.  ODOT had not plowed any of the snow parks and the berm they left in front was more than we wanted to tackle.  Little Nash had a bunch of snow mobile trucks and trailers packing the lot for their rigs and that also didn’t seem like a good place for us.  So that left Potato Hill.  There were some snow shoers there but we were first out to set some track.  Trail breaking was shin to knee deep as we climbed the hill and dropped down to the Hash Brown loop and road to Little Nash.  We explored around under the large Douglas fir where the accumulation was a little less and then made our way back in our tracks, continued up a short ways in the snow shoe track before deciding we had sufficient work out.  The downhill was typical Potato Hill, too fast in the track, too slow out of it.  As we came down to Maxwell there had been enough vehicles pushing thru the berm that we stopped and did another hour ski there.  Pretty nice ski.   Overall there was probably a total of and inch of new snow all day.  ODOT did finally clear a path into the parking lot and Big Springs looked to be cleared better yet.  Still nothing pushed out at Big Meadow Road.  As the storms taper off and the snow consolidates, we could be in for some great skiing.  Get out there.

Bob Young

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