Christmas Eve ski report

By Bob Young

Well folks, there may not be much base up there but the skiing conditions were awesome on this Christmas Eve day.  Bianca and I went up to Hoodoo, which obviously has not opened yet, with hopes of getting in some classic miles along with a little climbing an a few tele turns.  What we found was 2” to 3” of light powder on top of the scant base.  There were still some twigs and brush poking through on the slopes but the road up to Hoodoo’s upper Nordic trail had been packed before the new snow.  The upper trails had already been tracked by other skiers so the classic part of out outing was really nice.  We also came across some patches of beautiful hoar frost with inch long crystals and longer.  We’ll try to get a little video clip of them fluttering in the breeze posted.  The final goal of some tele turns was also fulfilled as we climbed the back run on the Hodag and for the final run we came down Headwall.  The snow was so forgiving that I’ve never skied that run better.

So, there’s supposed to be a bit of new snow later this week.  Conditions are well worth the trip up the mountain and if you are willing to do a little climb the upper Hoodoo Nordic trails will reward your effort.