December 2019 Newsletter

Monthly Meeting, Monday, Dec. 9, 7:00 pm at Pringle Hall, 606 Church St SE

PROGRAM: The Latest and Greatest in Nordic Ski Gear

Jeremy Rooper of the Mountain Shop in Portland will bring a wide selection of ski gear and vast experience as a backcountry skier to our meeting. The Mountain Shop has supplied mountaineering gear to Oregonians for 80 years and Jeremy has been their backcountry ski expert for more than 20 years. Come see the latest equipment and learn from an expert.


Please renew your membership for the 2019-2020 season. For only $20 you receive access to all the inside club news, Ski School, Overnight Trips and the satisfaction of supporting our efforts to promote and improve cross-country skiing for everyone. You can renew at our monthly meetings or download a renewal form at Join us for a great season on the snow.


January 14, Willamette Chapter’s club meeting: Bruce Moffatt will present the Central Oregon Avalanche Association’s “Know Before You Go” avalanche awareness program.

January 16: Jim Todd will present a guided tour of the varied and beautiful cross country skiing in the Central Cascades. From gentle groomed tracks to steep alpine slopes our nearby mountains have it all. Whether you are a first time skier or an accomplished ski mountaineer–come see what the Central Cascades have to offer! You can sign up for this program at REI’s Events webpage:

SKI SCHOOL: tentative date is Sat., Jan. 25, 2020, at Hoodoo; with the evening class at Pringle Hall on Tue. Jan. 21. Watch the News for details.


The Willamette Chapter will once again sell the cheapest Sno-Park permits in town. The annual permits will be sold to you at cost ($25) at the Nov. and Dec. meetings. Be the first on your block to have one pasted in your car window.


11/05/2019:  stocking wood at Mtn. View Shelter (photo by Bill Nelson)

The Willamette Chapter has an active volunteer program assisting the Forest Service with ski trail clearing and marking; shelter construction and maintenance; and firewood stocking. Thank you volunteers! Please call Mark Olson 503xx559xx0728 or Jim Todd 503xx378xx7003) for more information or to sign up for one of our projects.


November 5, Tuesday: Mark Olson and Bill Nelson hauled a last pickup load of firewood to Mtn. View Shelter near Maxwell SnoPark. The woodshed should be full enough to last the entire winter.

November 7, Thursday: the Salamanders trail group and Willamette Chapter volunteers logged the ski trails at Little Nash SnoPark. Recently fallen 30” trees were removed. These trails should be free of obstacles this season.

Nov. 23, Saturday: Jeff and Jim placed about 20 blue diamonds on the Little Nash Ski Trail and the Potato Nash trail. It will be easier to navigate the trails now.


Guests are welcome on Willamette Chapter day tours. Please contact the tour leader for details and to ensure the tour matches your interests and skill level.

We need more tour leaders for weekend tours; please step up and lead a tour to your favorite destination. If you wish to lead a tour, suggest a tour destination or learn more about tour leading, contact Jim Todd (5033787003). The tour schedule is sparse at present due to Holidays and uncertainties about early season snow conditions; more tours will be added as the season progresses. Remember, impromptu tours are always an option. If you yearn for a day on skis phone Jim, one the leaders below or a skier on the weekday list. Connect with your fellow Club members and get out when it snows.

December 7 Saturday: A Tour, Santiam Pass area, location depending on snow conditions. Mark Olson 503v559v0728.

December 7, Saturday: B Tour, Potato Hill or Sand Mountain. Jim Todd 503v378v7003.

December 14, Saturday: A Tour, location depending on snow conditions. Ron Allowitz 503v951v3110.

December 14 or 15, Saturday or Sunday: B Tour, location and date depending on snow conditions and group interest. Bob Young 503v621v6626.

December 21, Saturday: A Tour, Santiam Pass area. Pam & Craig Wojcik 503v931v2705.

December 21, Saturday: B Tour, location depending on snow conditions. Jeff Starr 503v851v8403.

December 28, Saturday: A Tour, location depending on snow conditions and group interest. Roz Shirack 503v399v8615.

December 28, Saturday: B Tour, Ray Benson to Little Nash Traverse. Jim Todd 503v378v7003

January 4, Saturday: A Tour, Teacup Lake groomed tracks on Mt. Hood. Mark Olson 503V559V0728

January 4 or 5, Saturday or Sunday: B Tour, location and date depending on snow conditions and group interest. Bob Young 503v621v6626

January 11, Saturday: A Tour, Santiam Pass area. Pam & Craig Wojcik 503v931v2705

January 25, Saturday: Ski School at Hoodoo’s Nordic Trails. This is a great opportunity for beginning, novice and intermediate skiers to learn and practice skiing skills. Watch the NEWS for details.

March 21, Saturday: A/B Tour, John Craig Ski Event at McKenzie Pass. Watch the NEWS for details.


November 29, Saturday: first real snow of the season and first ski. Santiam Pass had 12-18” of new snow and it was as close to powder as it gets in the Cascades. With temperatures around 20°F it was perfect; I skied all day on one coat of blue wax. Bianca, Bob and I had a great road tour from Ray Benson to the base of Sand Mountain and back. Let’s hope it keeps snowing.


Here’s a brief clip of ski trails and mountain scenery in Canmore, Alberta. It should whet your appetite for Pam & Craig’s trip to Canmore next spring.

FIS Cross Country World Cup racing has begun. After the first weekend in Ruka Finland, American Sadie Maubet Bjornsen leads the overall standings with her third and fourth place finishes. It’s early days, but this is the first time an American woman has been the overall World Cup leader. Here’s a clip of Sadie’s photo finish for third place in the ladies sprint final:

11/05/2019:  stocking wood at Mtn. View Shelter (photo by Bill Nelson)

11/07/2019:  logging trials at Little Nash SnoPark

11/29/2019:  Sand Mountain, first ski!