Willamette Volunteer Operations Workshop

October 15, 2019; 0900-1500

Springfield Interagency Office, 3106 Pierce Pkwy Springfield OR

Please RSVP by 10/4/19 to jennifer.sorensen@usda.gov or 541x510x1102

Meeting Goals: The Willamette NF is working to establish consistent protocol for volunteer operations forest wide. This workshop is aimed at helping the forest and partners to understand how volunteer groups and forest districts are currently operating on key topics, and engage everyone in facilitated discussion around where/why it’s important to have consistency across the forest. This first workshop will cover two specific topics: (1) How volunteer groups and districts define different types of volunteers (for example “crew leads”), and (2) How volunteer groups are managing field communications. No decisions will be made at this workshop, rather the focus will be on understanding the need for consistency and informing current conditions.


Facilitator: Gala Miller, Gifford Pinchot National Forest


Introductions & Welcome

Lead: Miller; District Ranger (TBD)

Welcome, Introductions & Meeting Logistics

Meeting goals & background on operations planning effort


High Cascades & Willamette Partnership

Leads: Bayliss & Sorensen

Refresher on goals of this partnership and the support provided by HCFV to volunteer groups


Session 1: Volunteer Types & Training Requirements

Leads: All

Discuss the need to establish consistent definitions for different types of volunteers to improve safety, equity and efficiency (for example: what does it mean to be a “Crew Lead” in each group?).

Hear from groups on if/how they designate different types of volunteers within their ranks, what these labels mean in practice, etc. Are we properly supporting training, etc. for these designations?

Discuss next steps: future discussions on solutions, recommendation to decision makers

Session includes a 15 minute break   


LUNCH (1hr)

Brown bag lunch or order lunch from onsite Stars & Stripes Café


Session 2: Field Communication (1hr)

Leads: All

Discuss the need to establish consistent expectations for field communications

Hear from volunteer groups and districts on:

What types of communication devises are currently being used?

When are they used? How are they shared among the group members, who provides/maintains them?

When are groups interfacing with dispatch? What does this interface look like?

What are the unmet needs for communication devises and support?

Discuss next steps: future discussions on solutions, recommendation to decision makers

Session includes a 15 minute break   


Closing & Next Steps (15min)

Discuss how best to move operations planning effort forward

Discuss next steps & closing

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