Volunteer Opportunities


A reminder to all who enjoy a little work in the woods and the chance to spend a few days camping.  The Deschutes Ranger District is planning on replacing the roofs of 4 shelters in the Meissner and Sheridan Mountain area and we have been asked to help.  If you would like to be involved or kept updated on timing, please let me know.  Since this is the last newsletter for the season, I will create a volunteer list to keep in touch with.  Let me know your interest.

Bob Young, 503-621-6626


​The Chemeketans have an active trail maintenance program and have done excellent work on ski trails in the Maxwell/Big Springs area the past two seasons.  This season they have scheduled trail maintenance projects on May 11, June 1, July 6, Sept 7, Sept 21 and Oct 5.  Contact Jean Gabriel (mailto:spunky2u@comcast.net) for information or to sign up for one of these projects.

​The Salamanders are a new volunteer group in the Salem area working on trail maintenance.  They are planning weekly trail clearing projects this season.  Their next trip will be on the Little North Santiam Trail this Friday, April 5.  Contact Beth Dayton (mailto:bethdayton@comcast.net) for information or to sign up for one of their projects.

​This summer and fall Willamette Chapter volunteers will clear ski trails and stock firewood at winter shelters.  Contact Mark Olson (mark@olson.us) or Jim Todd (toddwac18@gmail.comfor information and to sign up for these projects.

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