Seasonal events associated with the “life” of the organization include:
– Monthly membership meetings, October through April. The kickoff meeting is a potluck. April meeting is a club sponsored pizza party and annual election.
– Monthly newsletter, October through April.
– Arranged weekend day tours November through April, conditional upon adequate snow.
– Weekend destination trips at least one monthly, December through March.
– Occasional week long organized trips out of the area.
– Participation in the John Craig race event.


The annual <a href=””>John Day Memorial Race </a>celebrates the Oregon cross-country skiing legend, John Day. Held in February each year by the Southern Oregon Chapter of the ONC, the race is held at Diamond Lake Resort.

The annual John Craig Memorial Wilderness Classic is held each year in March or April, and celebrates the life of John Craig, who in 1877 won a contract with the U.S. Post Office to carry mail to Central Oregon in the winter by skiing over McKenzie Pass. Craig had the bad luck of starting his first trip feeling under the weather and unknowingly headed straight into a December blizzard. The event commemorates this ill-fated trip. Additional information can be found on the <a title=”Meissner Nordic ” href=”” target=”_self”>Meissner Nordic Club</a>.

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    • Thanks Bob. I am having so much fun with this. I wish I didn’t have other stuff that I was suppose to be doing. I am thinking a larger image, that is mostly snow, with some ski tracks would really soften that snow and give just the right feeling. For now, I am excited to have this much up. – can’t wait to play with it more, but alas, I must go out into the real world (well sort of).

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